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Hello and welcome!

Ensuring that arts and culture remain vital, abstract-art.org is a platform of the creativity of abstract artists in the world today. Abstract-art.org connects people with the arts by promoting abstract wall art by international artists and their work.

Our mission is to expose the creative expression of abstract artists and provide information about international art competitions, workshops and art news.

If you are looking for abstract wall art paintings, then you have come to the right place!



For the LOVE of Art

  • LIFE
    • Increasing cross-cultural understanding and raising awareness and appreciation for art

    • Creating based upon emotions, memories, and life experiences

    • Inspiring the creation and passion for art

    • Being direct, unedited and personal

    • Imagination, exploration, inspiration

    • Valuing the artist’s personal interpretation of a piece

    • Pushing boundaries, escaping the reality

    • Feeling the freedom of creating

    • Embracing yourself

    • Allowing an indirect access to the inner psyche

    • No barriers, using unlimited mediums

    • Playing with light, manipulating color

    • Accepting different point of views

    • Reflecting no form of conventional reality, just shapes, colors, textures, lines, patterns, etc

    • Representing a greater level of understanding

    • No rules or conventions

    • Depicting emotion without any subject

    • Creating illusions

    • Challenging the definition of beauty

    • Expressing that the reality is subjective

    • Letting the energy and spirit to flow

    • Showing something new and/or different to world

    • Feeling a deep appreciation for art without knowing the subject

    • Interpreting social events, influenced by what is happening in the world

    • Not always having a meaning, message or statement from the creator

    • Achieving inner strength, spiritual beliefs

    • Accepting unconventional challenges

    • Not expecting every person to appreciate

    • Evoking emotions and unconscious feelings from the viewer

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