Amit Kalla :: Spiritual Art

Abstract Art "Yellow Fragance 1" by A. Kalla

Amit Kalla :: Spiritual Art

Amit kalla is a visual artist and a poet from Jaipur, India. He studied Art History at the National Museum Institute with a specialization in ancient Indian art (Iconography). He also has a Master’s degree in Art and Aesthetics from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

His art represents a deep connection to a cultural expression of a universal spirituality. He likes to draw people in a very creative and energetic way, hoping that through creativity, people are empowered and communities move incrementally closer to truth.

Abstract Art "Transcend" by A. Kalla
Abstract Art "Where you Found them" by A. Kalla
[blockquote text=” You don’t think what is that you are about to paint but let yourself flow to the rhythm ~ Amit” show_quote_icon=”yes” background_color=”#ffffff”]
Abstract Art "The Dreamer's Way 2" by A. Kalla
Amit Kalla Abstract Artist
Amit Kalla Artist

His has participated in many solo and group exhibitions. Some of the latest exhibitions, include:

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  • 2016 Transcendent Forms, Iconart Gallery, Hydrabad
  • 2016 Art Scape, Kalaneri Art Gallery, Jaipur
  • 2016 KalaSparsh, Visual Art Gallery, IHC, New Delhi


Abstract Art "Multitude" by A. Kalla
Abstract Art "Sprit Within" by A. Kalla

To learn more about Kalla’s Abstract Art Paintings, click on


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