Abstract Art Painting "Stripes" by C. Guitart

Material: Acrylic and Oil

Artist: Carles Guitart

Website: www.saatchiart.com/carles_guitart

Carles is a contemporary artist from Barcelona, Spain. He studied visual arts and has a master in graphic design. He likes to combine his painting and sculpture work with net-art experiences. To read more about this abstract artist, click on Carles Guitart.


Material: Acrylic on Canvas

Artist: Paula Wiggins

Website: www.mpwiggins.com

Paula is an abstract artist an illustrator. She has worked with publishers to create art for magazines, books, posters, calendars, and CD covers. She likes to use many layers of paint, hand-made paper, pictures and text from old books to accomplish her artwork. Paula frequently travels throughout Europe, Asia and the Caribbean, to gather material that later become part of her art.

Abstract Art Painting "Pink Bird" by P. Wiggins
Abstract Art Painting "Vesta" by L. Schuster


Size: 47″ x 59″

Material: Oil on Metal

Artist: Lisa Schuster

Website: lisaschusterart.com

[blockquote text=”It is those precious moments of pure Inspiration, when an idea bursts through the din of mind-chatter and takes over, promising a venue of fresh expression and unique creation. It is what keeps me up at night and pops me out of bed in the morning. It is the magical reminder of how alive I am and how grateful I am to be able to express it with the tools of my trade ~ Lisa” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

To learn more about this artist, click on Lisa Schuster.


Material: Mixed Media

Artist: Wyanne Thompson

Website: www.wyanne.com

Wyanne has been a full-time artist for 20 years. Her collections can be found all over the world.  She has been licensed by the eclectic boho company, Natural Life and several greeting card companies.

Mixed Media Abstract Art - Cherry on Top
Abstract Art Painting Untitled by S. Karacagil


Size: 40 cm x 60 cm

Material: Acrylic on Cardboard

Artist: Sadettin Karacagil

Website: karacagilart.com

Sadettin is a Swedish/Turkish vascular surgeon. He is a self- taught part time abstract artist and nature is his inspiration.

For more information about this artist and sculptor, click on Sadettin Karacagil.


Size: 18″ x 24″

Material: Acrylic and Blending Gels on Stretched Canvas

Artist: Alicia Dunn

Website: aliciadunnart.com

Alicia is a contemporary abstract artist currently living in San Diego, California. Intense luminosity, that is both invigorating and serene is noticeable on her artwork. She paints mostly on canvas and wood using bright colors, layers and textural techniques.

More about this abstract artist can be found on Alicia Dunn.

Abstract Art Painting "Sunday Morning" by A. Dunn
Abstract Art Painting "Poseidon" by T. Geyer


Size: 30″ x 48″

Material: Mixed Media

Artist: Thomas Geyer

Website: www.charlestonabstracts.com

Tom is an abstract painter living in Charleston, South Carolina. He has participated in many art festivals, including the “Mandarin Art Festival”, the “Mount Dora Art Festival”, and the “City Withought Walls Gallery” among other. His paintings are colorful and fun, and every blank canvas is a wonderful adventure for him.


Size: 120 cm x 90 cm

Material: Acryl, Resin, Oil of brands

Artist: Olya Tra

Website: tracha.wixsite.com/olyatra

Olya is an abstract painter from Ukraine. The painting 0011 is part of a project called “FLUID”,  that consists of 17 original artworks.

[blockquote text=”Among all existing transmitters of human history, art is the most liberal authentic voice. It is the most powerful pure medium ~ Olya” show_quote_icon=”yes”]
Abstract Art "Original Fluid 0011" by O. Tra
Abstract Art Painting "Free Fall" by J. Pommer


Size: 36″ x 36″

Material: Mixed Media

Artist: Joyce Pommer

Website: www.joycepommer.com

Joyce is a mixed media artist from Massachusetts. She resides in New York and works from her studio in the Garment District, Manhattan. She has participated in many solo and group exhibitions throughout the country and her paintings are in over 40 private and corporate collections. To read more about this abstract artist, click on Joyce Pommer.


Abstract Art Painting "Silent Star-Link" by L. McClanahan

Size: 36″ x 48″

Material: Acrylic, Quartz Crystals and Resin on Canvas

Artist: Laura McClanahan

Website: www.lauramcclanahan.com

[blockquote text=”My paintings create flow patterns that stream off the edge on various angles forming movement to the stars or a decent to the earth. My current research is of minerals, and what water carries and reveals from the earth. These flow patterns are made by pouring paint in thin layers so that the various media create resistances and then flow around the objects in their path ~ Laura” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

To read more about this Laura’s work, click on Laura McClanahan.

Abstract Art Painting by Stephanie Holznecht


Size: 30″ x 40″

Material: Acrylic and Tempera

Artist: Stephanie Holznecht

Website: www.scholznecht.com

Stephanie is originally from England and currently lives in the USA. She obtained a degree in graphic design and fine art and worked for many years as a graphic designer and art director. She has exhibited all over the world, extensively in the USA. Abroad, most notably winning first place in a wine bottle label competition at an Italian exhibition, and bronze award at an exhibition in London, England.


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